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How to Submit to the Monthly Competition

Preparing your image

  1. Your image should be clean, with no watermark or visible maker name.
  2. Resize your image to no more than 1200 pixels wide by 800 pixels high. Your editor will do a better job of this than the website. (More information on resizing)
  3. Save your image in JPEG format. This means no TIFF, no PNG, no RAW, etc. The file name doesn't matter but the extension needs to be .jpg or .jpeg.
  4. If you would like a watermarked version shown on the website, prepare a copy of your image, with watermark, and follow steps 2 & 3, saving to a different filename.

Submitting via the website

All entries, digital and print, need to be entered into the website. If at all possible, please submit your own entries via the website otherwise someone (generally the judging chair) will need to do it for you. If you don't have access to the internet, you can use the alternate submission method at the end of the page.

  1. Prepare your digital image as above. If submitting to a print competition, you still need to submit an image for reference and display in the gallery.
  2. Make sure you are logged into the website and that you are marked as a paid member.
  3. Go to the Competition Section you wish to enter. You can get there by going to "Monthly Competition List" under "Competitions" in the menu, clicking on the competition, and then clicking on the section.
  4. On the Competition Section page, read the category description, subcategory description (if any), as well as any additional notes so you are aware of any special restrictions or concerns before submitting.
  5. On the right, there is a box that will show you any entries you already have in that section as well as how many, if any, you may enter. If you are able to enter that section, there will be a link to enter. Click that and the form will pop up.
  6. Fill in the fields:
    • Name: This is the name of your image. Please keep it short or it may be truncated when displayed in lists or the newsletter.
    • Image: Click "Choose file" and then pick the image you prepared above from your computer. If you are submitting both a watermarked and clean judging image, this should be the watermarked one. If you are only submitting one clean image, add it here.
    • Alternate unwatermarked image for judging: If you submitted a watermarked image in the previous step, this is where you submit the clean image. If the first image was not watermarked or if you are submitting into a print competition, you can leave this empty.
    • Description: Optionally add information about how you created the image, where you took it, etc. This is not used for judging. It is displayed along with the image in the gallery for the education of the viewers.
  7. Save the form and you will be returned to the Competition Section page. You should see your newly submitted image in the box and the number of entries you can submit will be reduced by 1.

Submitting prints

  1. Follow the "Submitting via the website" section above to submit the digital copy to the website. The physical print is what will be judged but the digital image will be will be shown in the competition results gallery. If you do not have access to the internet, see the "Alternate digital submission method" section below.
  2. Prepare your print as follows:
    • All entries must be mounted on stiff board or foam core.
    • Maximum mounted size is 16x20 inches. An odd sized print may not exceed 320 square inches in size, nor may it exceed 20 inches in length.
    • Prints may be matted but not framed.
    • The print size must be at least 5x7 and no more than 16X20.
    • When using an 8x10(12) mount, the print must be 5x7 or larger, up to 8x10(12).
    • When using an 11x14 mount, the print must be 8x10 or larger, up to 11x14.
    • When using a 16x20 mount, the print must be 8x10 or larger, up to 16x20.
    • Identifying information such as the maker's name or the title should not be visible from the front.
  3. Label the back of your print as follows:
    • Maker’s name
    • Maker's group (A or B)
    • La Crosse Area Camera Club
    • Title of image
    • An indication of which side is the top such as an arrow or the word “top”
  4. Bring your print to John Z's house.

Alternate digital image submission method

  1. Members should submit their own entries to the website if at all possible. If it is not possible, you may drop off a CD at John Z's and the Judging Chair will submit your entries on your behalf.
  2. Prepare your CD as follows:
    • Resize your images to no more than 1200 pixels wide by 800 pixels high. (More information on resizing)
    • Save your images in JPEG format. This means no TIFF, no PNG, no RAW, etc.
    • The filename of each entry image should be follow this format: Month + Group + Category + Title. For example,
      'MAO_butterfly' identifies the image as March + A group + Open + Title "butterfly". 'FBP_mom' identifies the image as February + B group + People + Title "mom". The extension should be .jpg or .jpeg.
    • Label the CD with your name, your group (A/B), and the competition month.
  3. Bring your CD to John Z's house.