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Become a Member

Why should I join?

If you live in the La Crosse area and are interested in photography, the La Crosse Area Camera Club is for you. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro, we have something to offer!

  • Educational programs that range from teaching the basics to advanced techniques
  • Monthly competitions to test your skills and get feedback
  • Hands on workshops
  • Field trips, often to places inaccessible to non-club members
  • Community volunteer photography opportunities including special access
  • Social time at meetings and special events to get to know others who share your interest in photography

How much does it cost?

Membership dues for one club year (June through May):

Student $15
Single Membership $20
Family Membership $25

Dues are for one club year, which runs from June through May. For returning members, dues must be paid by the first meeting in October. If you are joining us later in the club year, dues are half price starting in January.

Can I check you out first?

Sure! You may come to up to three regular meetings for free, but you will not be allowed to enter the monthly competitions or join us for members only events until you are a member.

What if I can't attend meetings?

While you will get the most benefit if you are able to join us at our monthly meetings, we understand that some people have schedule conflicts. As a paid member, you can still enter competitions and come to special events, even if you are unable to attend our regular meetings.

I'm ready to join; what do I do?

Welcome! The easiest way to join is at one of our monthly meetings. Bring cash or a check or use Paypal (coming soon) and you will be given a registration code. Once you have that, head over to the registration page and set up an account on the website. Assigning the membership role to the account is still a manual process so there may be a slight delay before you have full access. 

If you are unable to attend meetings, please contact us and we will make special arrangements.

I am a returning member; how do I renew my membership?

Welcome back! To renew your membership, you can pay at a meeting with cash or check or you can use Paypal on the website (coming soon). Once the membership director marks your account as paid, you will have full access to all the members only areas. Please take a moment to review your profile and make sure everything is up to date.